'Unleashed’ is a unique dance performance piece for non-dancers. Freedom Dancers commitment is to create a new dance work where people from diverse backgrounds come together to be a part of a community dance project. The company's mission is for people performing in the work to be empowered, connected to what is important to them, their joy and love of dance and be able to be apart of a work that fulfils on what’s missing in their self- expression. This project will give people the opportunity to be apart of a dance performance that will bring them fulfilment, love, joy and connection into their lives. collaborating with Adelaide electronic music producer, composer and DJ Temple (Ben Smith). We have been inspired by the idea of the human beings’ internal dialogue and the effect that it has on our experience of life. We are creating a piece of music that looks at the impact of our internal dialogue and what it sounds like in reality. As the work develops further with the dancers we will address that it is this internal dialogue that connects us all to the experience of being human. Adelaide based mural and street wear artist The Walking Collective (James Smith) is designing the fabric for the dancers costumes. Initial rehearsals are developing ideas inspired by self-expression and the impact our internal dialogue has on us fulfilling on what we’re up to in our lives.